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You are about to explore the website on calculating machines. To present these machines we chose what we think is the best source THE BOOK. Die Rechenmaschinen   was written by Ernst Martin in German in 1925. Later editions of this book had some newer machines included, going up to 1935. There was a photo-reprint done of this book in the 90-ies, using the latest German edition. In 1990 Peggy Aldrich Kidwell and Michael R. Williams translated the original 1925 edition into English. The US translation titled "The Calculating Machines"  was printed by MIT Press and The Charles Babbage Institute as part of  "History of Computing"  series in 1992. We are very grateful to MIT Press for their permission to reproduce Martin s book on our web site.

This site has been created to add value to The Book, by providing pictures, brochures, links and all other information that you can see here. This site is still work in progress and your help in enriching it would be appreciated; if you have access to images of calculating machines or information about machines from before 1925, please email . The authors will be very grateful if you help making this site more complete.

The initial idea to create this web site came from one of the authors, Walter Szrek. Having been a calculating machines enthusiast and collector for a few years, already having displayed his collection on his web site, he planted a seed for this concept on his site. It wouldn t have become a reality if it wasn t for another collector, Herbert Schneemann (web site),  who happened to view Walter s web site and thought he could actually help make it happen. Herbert did not know then that he would have to do most of the work!J.

Both Herbert and Walter are big fans of these beautiful machines, but they have a limited knowledge of the subject, so to create this site they had to get help from many other people and institutions. Without them the web site would not have become as good as it is. We want to give credit to all contributors, including the owners of the machines or materials. If you find that we did not properly acknowledge your input, images or help, please let us know email (see below). All the mistakes and omissions are ours; please let us know when you find any.

Herbert left us in May 2014. I am missing him each time I look at this website. I miss his wisdom, his warmth and his dedication to create a place for all fans and collectors to look for. I miss our nightly conversations and his friendship.


From Kevin Odhner's web-page:

"I am sure that at various points I will realize with horror that I have omitted people deserving of credits, at which time I will quickly add them. My apologies in the meantime. I am at this point unsure of where I got certain photos, or who owns them. Where possible, I will try to contact the owners of the machines and ask permission to use the photos, however, in some cases I picked up images from eBay, or received scannings from Breker catalogs, which means that ownership is changing or unknown to me. This site is not for profit, and I hope that people will be lenient if they find a photo here which they took, or is of a machine they own. Just report it to me, and I'll either remove it or give the proper credit, as you wish."

These   Kevin Odhner's words are so perfectly describing our situation that we will not try to enhance, but just re-use them.

Welcome & enjoy our site

Herbert & Walter


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a x b x c (Produx) Aderes (Adix 1903) Archimedes (1906)
Addac (1925) Adix (1903) Argos (1913)
Addall (Adall) ADM Teacher (Schubert) Arithmographe Troncet (1890)
Adder (1908) ADSUMUDI (1907) Arithstyle (Contostyle, 1906)
Addi 7 / Addi 9 Allen (1939) Arrow (1921)
Addi-Cosmos Alpina (1961) Auch (1790)
Addimult (1956) Amco (Star, 1922) Austin (1912)
Adding Machine (Little Giant) Amifo (Adix 1903) Austria (1906)
Addo (1920) Antares (1940)  
Badenia Blue Star (1951) Britannic (1922)
Barrett (1910) Boll e (1888) B.U.G. (1920)
Baum (1913) Bonham & Schram Bunzel-Delton (1908)
Behr (1908) Braun (1727) Burkhardt (1878)
Berolina (1901) Brennan Busicom (Nippon)
BIS (Berolina) Bri-Cal (1905)  
Brunsviga (1892)    Brunsviga MDII Trinks-Triplex   Brunsviga 10
   Brunsviga A   Brunsviga MDIIR Trinks-Triplex   Brunsviga 11 E
   Brunsviga AS   Brunsviga MH   Brunsviga 11S
   Brunsviga ASE   Brunsviga MII   Brunsviga 13
   Brunsviga B   Brunsviga MIII   Brunsviga 13B / 13BR
   Brunsviga C   Brunsviga Midget   Brunsviga 13M
      Brunsviga Mignon   Brunsviga 13P
   Brunsviga D13 R/1 R/2   Brunsviga MJ   Brunsviga 13R
   Brunsviga D13 Z/1   Brunsviga MJR   Brunsviga 13RK
   Brunsviga D13 Z/2   Brunsviga MR   Brunsviga 13RM
   Brunsviga D18R   Brunsviga N   Brunsviga 13Z
   Brunsviga Dupla   Brunsviga Nova I   Brunsviga 13ZG
   Brunsviga F   Brunsviga Nova II   Brunsviga 13ZK
   Brunsviga G   Brunsviga Nova III   Brunsviga 15 / 15E
   Brunsviga G89   Brunsviga Nova III/18a   Brunsviga 16T / 16E
   Brunsviga H   Brunsviga Nova IV   Brunsviga 18RK
   Brunsviga J   Brunsviga Nova IVa   Brunsviga 20
   Brunsviga M   Brunsviga Nova 13   Brunsviga 90T / 90TA
   Brunsviga MA     Brunsviga 948T
   Brunsviga MD      Brunsvigula
Calco (1921) Certa (Adix 1903) Contex (1949)
Calcorex (1970) Chateau (1905) Conto (1912)
Calculator (1911) Columbus (1910) Contostyle (1906)
Calculographe (Peerless) Colts calculator (Teetzmann) Corona (Portable)
Calcumeter (1901) Commonwealth (1915) Corona (1952)
Calcus (1920) Comptator (1909) Cosmos (Gau 1924)
Cellatron Comptometer (1885) Curta (1948)
Centigraph (1891) Continental (1916)  
Dacometer (1947) Diera (Adix 1903) Duplikator (Berolina)
Dactyle (Chateau 1905) Diehl (1952) Dux (1910)
Dalton (1902) Dimm (IMCA) Dynamo
Damhag (Berolina) Direct (1920)  
Demos (1923) Duco (1919)  
Eagle (Adix 1903) Everest (1952)
EOS (Hannovera CK) Express (1928)
Ebstein-Fr res  
Esacta (1953)  
Euclid (1950)  
Famosa (1958) Friden (1934)
Fax (Rheinmetall) Fuji Star (Nippon)
Felix (1931)  
Felix M  
Figurator (1905)  
Facit (1918)   Facit CM2-13S   Facit NE
  Facit 10   Facit CM2-16   Facit NEA
  Facit 1002   Facit CM2-16S   Facit NEK
  Facit 1004   Facit CS1-13   Facit NTK
  Facit 1051   Facit E   Facit Original
  Facit C1-13   Facit EA   Facit S
  Facit CA1-13   Facit EK   Facit Standard
  Facit CA2-16   Facit ESA   Facit T
  Facit CA2-16SX   Facit ESA-0   Facit TK
  Facit CE1-13   Facit LX  
Gauss (1905) Goldschmidt (1906)
Gau (1924) GosRemProm
Gersten (1735) Graber (1911)
Golden Gem (1904) Gr ber (1903)
Goldman (Contostyle, 1906) Groesbeck (1870)
Hahn (1774)
Hannovera (1921)
Helvetia (Brunsviga)
Hermes (Precisa)
Hill (1857)
Hamann-Manus (1925)    Hamann Delta    Hamann-Manus Model E
   Hamann Automat S    Hamann E    Hamann-Manus Model F
   Hamann Automat T    Hamann Elma    Hamann-Manus Model R
   Hamann Automat V    Hamann-Manus Model A    Hamann Selecta
   Hamann Automat X    Hamann-Manus Model B    Hamann Selecta SP
   Hamann Automat Y    Hamann-Manus Model C  
   Hamann Automat Z    Hamann-Manus Model D  
Imca (1957)
Iris (1955)
Jion (1955)
Kirja Kuhrt (1923)
Kling (Calcorex) Kuli (Adix (1903)
Kling (Rokli)  
K pfer (Calculator)  
Komet (Brunsviga 90TA)  
La Rapide (Brunsviga B) Leupold (1727) Little Giant (1924)
Layton (1883) Lightning Calculator (1908)  
L'Eclair (Sanders) Lindstr m Record (1913)  
Leibniz (1672) Lipsia (1914)  
Leningrad (1930) Lipsi-Addi  
Madas (1908) Million r (1893) Multator (Produx)
Mahon (1775) Millionaire (1893) Multical (Produx)
Marchant (1911) Minerva (Brunsviga) Multi-Divo (Berolina)
Maruzen (1938) Minerva (Resulta) Multifix (1953)
McCaskey (Victor) Mira (1924) Multo (1949)
Mechanical Accountant (1900) Mira Visier  
Melitta (1925) Monopol-Duplex (1894)  
Mercedes Monos (1923)  
Mercur (1909) Monroe (1911)  
Mesko (1959) Morland (1666)  
Midget (1910) Morse (1909)  
Midget (Brunsviga) Muldivo  
Mercedes-Euklid (1905)   Model V   Model 21 / 21(EP) / 22(E)
  Model I   Model VIII   Model 29 / R29
  Model II   Model 9

   Model 30

  Model III   Model 16 (H)   Model 37 / 37M / 37SM / 


  Model IV   Model 18   Model 38 / 38SM / R38SM
Nippon (1945)
Nisa (1950)
Numeria (1956)
Olympia (Thales)
Olympia (Brunsviga)
Olympia (1948)
Orga-Constant (1921)

Russian pre-revolution (1874)


Swedish production (1918)


Soviet production (1925)

    Odhner (1874)     Arithmos Type 1     Original Odhner (1925)
    Odhner (1878)     Arithmos Type 3     Felix (1931)
    Odhner-Hill (1896)     Arithmos Type 5     Kirja
    Odhner (1897)     Arithmos Type small     Prometer
    Odhner Model A (1900)     Lusid     Dinamo
    Odhner Model C (1900)     Model 6     Felix M
      Model 8  
      Model 9 (1923)  
      Model 9 (1929)  
      Model 1048 Blind  
      Model 11  
      Model 14  
      Model 16  
      Model 23  
      Model 24  
      Model 25  
      Model 27  
      Model 29  
      Model 30  
      Model 31  
      Model 35  
      Model 107  
      Model 125  
      Model 127  
      Model 139  
      Model 227  
      Model 229  
Pascal (1642) Pinwheel Prometer
Pascaline Plus (1931) Pythagoras
Pascal A.V. 13 T Portable (1923)  
Peerless (1904) Preciosa  
Peters (1922) Precisa (1935)  
Pettometer (Plus 1931) Procento (1912)  
Pilot (1961) Produx (1928)  
Quixsum (1924)
Rapid Calculator (1923) Remington-Rand (1929) Rokli (1949)
Ray (Figurator) Reports (Adix 1903) Rooy (1955)
Record (1913) Resulta (1927) Ropel (Dimm)
Regina (1932) Rheinmetall (1924) Roth (1841)
Rema (1915) Richmond (Mira)  
Remington Portable (1932) Richmond (Thales)  
S. & N. (1910) Selling (1886) Stima (1930)
Saldorita (1937) Sigma (1951) Stima Universal
Sanders (1912) Sirius (1912) Stolzenberg (Melitta)
Saxonia (1895) Smallwood Summator (1921)
Schickard (1623) Spalding (1884) Summira (1953)
Schubert (1938) Staffel (1845) Summira X (Produx)
Schuster (Brunsviga B) Standard (1903) Summus (1906)
Schuster (Hahn) Stanhope (1775) (Mahon) SUN (1910)
Scribola (1922) Star (Amco, 1922) Supermetall (Rheinmetall)
Select (1959) Stern (1814) Surot (1920)
Tasma (1924) Thompson (Triumphator) Toshiba (Blue Star)
Tate (Layton 1883) Tiger (1930) Tourtel (1911)
Teetzmann (1912) Tim (1907) Troncet (1890)
Tempo-Mathic (Walther) Torchi (1834)  
Thomas (1820) Torpedo-Schnelladdiermaschine  
Thales (1911)   Thales CER   Thales M
  Thales A   Thales CER/D   Thales ME
  Thales AE   Thales CER/S   Thales MER
  Thales AR   Thales D   Thales MEZ
  Thales B   Thales DER/S   
  Thales C   Thales GEO / GEO/R  
  Thales CE   Thales KA  
Triumphator (1904)   Triumphator CRN1   Triumphator K4 (KD)
  Triumphator I   Triumphator D   Triumphator KIII
  Triumphator II   Triumphator H   Triumphator KA
  Triumphator VI   Triumphator H2   Triumphator KN
  Triumphator C   Triumphator HIII   Triumphator P2
  Triumphator C2   Triumphator H3   Triumphator Z
  Triumphator CB   Triumphator H3N   
  Triumphator CN   Triumphator HN   
  Triumphator CN1   Triumphator H3Z
  Triumphator CR   Triumphator HZN
  Triumphator CRN   Triumphator K1
Unic (Lipsia)
Unitas (1907)
Universal (1904)
van Waesberghe (Walther RM)
Vaucanson (1936)
Vayringe (Braun)
Victor (1918)
Voti (Feliks)
Waesberghe van (Walther RM)
Walther (1926)
Webb (1868)
Wen Hua (1952)
Wibel (Facit 1918)
X x X (1906)
X-Matic (1956)
Zagreb (Calcorex)
Ziffrex (Addimult)